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Socijalni servis

Improving the social status of one of the most vulnerable categories of our population: the elderly, the sick, the abandoned is the main objective of the Social Package for the Elderly, Sick and Disadvantaged. Within it we organize:

Public kitchen for the elderly, socially disadvantaged, sick and abandoned: 150 users. It is the only institution of its kind in Sanski Most, where about 150 free hot meals are prepared and distributed to our fellow citizens 6 days a week. The service users have at their disposal a restaurant area where they can dine, sit, socialize on cold autumn and winter days and stay during the day. A number of customers eat their warm meal in a restaurant, while a large number of them carry it home.

Public kitchen is primarily open to assisting the elderly, the disabled, the abandoned and the poor, but over time we have had to adjust the criteria for selecting users to the social situation, we have opened the kitchen door to other people in need and crisis situations.

One warm meal a day, except Sundays (preparation and distribution of warm meals).

Home delivery of meals for seriously ill and immobile persons. A number of our users are not able to come to our Center for meal alone: ​​they live far away, their age, the illness that binds them to their home / apartment and the like. Home delivery is organized for them. For the realization of this project activity we have our own vehicle and a delivery service, which every day distributes warm meals to the user’s home address. This service covers between 55 and 60 users.

Laundry services: washing, drying and ironing personal clothing. Laundry (laundry) was primarily started with the aim of assisting the elderly who, due to age, permanently impaired health or lack of washing machine, cannot wash the laundry by themselves. We provide laundry and drying services twice a month for such persons. This laundry service is also available to other citizens where they can be provided with a laundry, drying and ironing service for a fee. The project envisaged 2 jobs, and the laundry room itself is equipped with modern industrial washing and drying machines.

Use of bathrooms and assistance in maintaining personal hygiene for people who are unable to do so on their own. A number of our users live in precarious facilities, without a functional sanitary facility and hot water, which prevents them from regular hygiene. The needs and problems that our clients encountered and which they pointed out to us, led us to the idea that we should arrange and make available one bathroom for the purpose of maintaining hygiene. Considering the fact that these are persons who, due to age, illness or physical disability, are simply unable to bathe, bathing assistance is provided.

Social Worker Support and Assistance (Center and Home Visits)

One time financial aid and godparents. This type of assistance involves assistance in the form of giving or paying a certain amount of money, with the aim of solving an urgent and specific problem, and mainly applies to users who occasionally contact us, but also to our permanent ones who we know are permanently in a difficult situation. Eg: food packages, sacks of flour, firewood, purchase of stoves, refrigerators, or participation in paying bills for water, electricity, paying a bus ticket to go to a spec. health check to another city (Bihac, Sarajevo), purchase of textbooks or school supplies, winter footwear, etc. … The maximum amount from the emergency fund that can be paid is 100 KM. This type of assistance depends on the resources available for that purpose.

Monthly assistance through:

  • Distribution of parcels with food and wardrobe
  • Assistance in the procurement of medicines and medical supplies
  • Transportation and escort to health facilities for medical examinations and diagnostic procedures
  • Other humanitarian assistance
    – procurement of medical supplies (wheelchairs, diapers, rental of beds for immovable persons, etc.)
    – supply of furniture, household appliances, furniture and other household necessities
    – procurement of firewood
    – assistance in times of weather and other crisis situations, as well as participation in humanitarian actions organized by other individuals and organizations
  • Help in exercising rights in the field of health, social care, etc.Upućivanje na ostvarivanje prava iz oblasti zdravstvene, socijalne zaštite, itd.

For more about donations and ways you can help, see FENIX NARODNA KUHINJA.

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