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The project with which Fenix ​​began his work. One of the main goals of Fenix ​​is ​​to provide adequate professional help and support to women and the family during pregnancy, after delivery and during breastfeeding, where the wife and family are at the center of our attention. By this we improve the quality of life, strengthen confidence and our own initiatives.

And that’s all we do through:
• Pregnancy counseling
• Preparation courses for delivery and after delivery
• home visits after delivery
• Support and promotion of breastfeeding, and counseling for nursing: direct, telephone and online
• Support groups: baby and breastfeeding group
• Support to socially vulnerable and poor families
• Nutrition counseling, information materials and a library
• Various promotions and actions, World Breastfeeding Week
• informative web site for parents:

Implementation of the innovative mother and child care program in Sanski Most has been going through the organization for twenty years:

• A pregnancy counseling center, where on monthly basis pregnant women are given the opportunity to receive answers to all the issues they are interested from a midwife / graduate nurse / nursing counselor.

• A library for pregnant women and those who are breastfeed with literature to use and rent

• Pregnancy preparation courses are a place for pregnant women to prepare for birth, parenthood and breastfeeding in the best possible way. The course lasts 6-8 weeks, and thematically  we go through all that women encounter during pregnancy, childbirth, after birth care, breastfeeding. The woman here gets the necessary knowledge and information needed to help herself in her labor and everything else she expects. In addition to transferring knowledge during the course of pregnancy, pregnant women are introduced to physical exercises that are tailored and intended for women during pregnancy.

• Postnatal protection of women / family after birth is done for at least 15 days from the birth, and if necessary longer. As long as the mother does not feel good and safe with her newborn. During these visits, she receives assistance during breastfeeding, nursing care, monitoring of maternal and infant health and everything else she needs in early times.

Breastfeeding / baby groups are held twice a month. This is a place where mothers and their babies receive support and assistance from our experts on how to breastfeeding babies, introducing other foods after the sixth month of a child’s life, info about growth and development of the baby and more info that is important to women in this period. Bodybuilding exercises after birth are also part of sessions.

Counseling by phone /for women who are being followed through this project/ is additional support and security because our expert staff is available to them for 24 hours so they can face of all concerns and fears.

Support for socially deprived and poor families who are expecting children or having small babies is reflected in the supply of essential medicines, clothing and equipment for newborns, diapers and other things they need. Sometimes we get this help from donors from abroad and sometimes from our fellow citizens.

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