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Ramadan activities in 2019 at the Fenix ​​Center

In addition to regular social activities at the Fenix ​​Center during the month of Ramadan, thanks to numerous donors, we were able to organize additional assistance for our fellow citizens.
This time, we paid special attention to the socially disadvantaged users from rural areas and the outskirts of the municipality. These are mostly sick, elderly, disabled people and families with multiple children, who are unable to come to Sanski Most every day and are not easily accessible.


During this Ramadan, the following was realized:
• Prepared and distributed to 471 iftar home addresses
• 42 home visits were made
• 130 food packages were distributed through the Fenix ​​Center
• One-time cash assistance: 11 families
• Donations in money: 28 families

Also, donations for the needs of the cuisine are organized for the soup kitchen.…

Sales of books for humanitarian purposes

That culture and humanity go hand in hand is evidence of the gesture of Mr. Suvad Hotic, a Novljanin, our countryman, taken by fate to Canada.

Living and working there, and having a heart and soul in Bosnia, dreaming of his homeland, waiting for the moment to come again, to visit his native land, to visit places and people that meant something to him and which he cannot forget, Suvad accepted writing.

In this way he wanted to leave a written trace of the suffering of his family and peoples in his hometown, thus creating books – the author’s first-hand testimonies “The War in Bosnia – Records and Memories” (independent project), and then cooperation with several authors in various written testimonies, memories.…


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